Please Donate.

Hello. I'm Jin.

 I don't speak English very well, and I don't have a good English skill. but I want your help and donate. so please give me your kindness.

 Well then.
 Let's get down to business!

 Please Donate for my film.

I'm going to make the animation film. the Film about society system.

I made a Film because think what system makes people become uniformly. the people in the system seem to be more special and unique. but in the deep side, they are uniformly. like industrial products. but they don't think about that.

 the people who lives in the city, think they are special. and make up themselves to dazzled.

 so, look at the people in the city.

 they are fancy and unique. and have very special figure. isn't it?

I want a make the Film about as I said, but I don't have a enough money to working on.

so I made a page about Cloud Funding, and I fund-raising the budget for my film.

Please visit the page and donate for my film.
you can contact me to my email.

Please give me the chance to finished my animation. If you help me, I'll give you the DVD and Postcard when I finished the work.

 Cloud Funding page - http://www.tumblbug.com/sewing-bug

 Email - jwin0048@gmail.com

Have a goodday. and I hope your attention.

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